Thursday, March 7, 2013

Counterpath Bria VoIP Softphone for android phones and tablets

CounterPath Bria is an enhanced VoIP softphone, SIP based VoIP application, that functions over 3G / 4G and Wi-Fi. Bria is available for the majority of android mobile devices and tablets; iPhone and iPads; and for windows and linux. However the application is not free on Google play and apple store.

Bria Android Edition is available for the majority of mobile devices that support the Android OS. It facilitates with communication interface using existing contacts in the memory onboard, simultaneously the Multitasking is powerful enough to swap between two calls and/or can merge the transfer as an when the need arises. With supported audio Codec, it reduces bandwidth consumption and provides good audio quality in low bandwidths.

Bria functions up with other CounterPath versions of Cisco, Avaya, Nec and etc and can also support Astrisk (*) based telephony systems. Basic Telephony amenities like Call display, voicemail indicator, Speakerphone, mute and hold, Call history, VPN Support and it also comes with list of Pre-defined VoIP Providers.

It is speculated that the forthcoming version to be available later this year, will have support for video calls, SMS and IM integration.

Although Bria offers some decent features but its not available for free. The Price tag and its being bulky for old smartphones is something that needs to be addressed.

Bria also supports call recording and integrated with voice based commands. The softphone is currently available in English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish.

Bria apps can be bought from the Google play or itunes store

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