Friday, March 29, 2013

Faxing from android mobile just got easier

The idea of sending a fax via mobile is very impressive, you don’t need complicated fax machine and modem devices to send the fax.

We decided to highlight some of the most popular apps available on Android. Let us know by comments if we have missed yours.

FilesAnywhere enables you to access your files and send fax from your mobile. It is a light app and is currently free to download with free 1000MB account and 10 faxs every month.

Mobile Fax Free
Mobile Fax Free is another popular app which is used to send one fax per day suing your mobile camera as a scanner.

eFax is also a simple app which performs the same functions like other apps. However it is not free. They offer attractive pricing based on monthly and yearly packages.

Some other applications to send free fax from Android Mobile: ScanR ,Mfax, PamFax etc will be reviewed once they get popular.

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