Monday, April 22, 2013

Native VoIP SIP client in Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505) is the first in the series to have inbuilt Internet calling facility to use your VoIP to place Internet calls. This is really a wonderful feature to save money on your international calls.

The internet calling feature can be configured at
Settings>>My Device>>Call settings>>Internet call settings

You can add much as SIP accounts that you would like to use for internet calls. The settings are very simple, you just need to enter username, password and sip server. Additional settings may require for some SIP providers. You will be able to use internet calls for all calls or for selected calls.

Please leave a comment if you would like to know how to configure your VoIP provider SIP settings on Galaxy S4, your Life companion.

See the video for detals


  1. hi, how i can configure my VoIP provider SIP on galaxy s4?


  2. Would you please reply and explain to me exactly what information to use when configuring my sip a accounts on my Galaxy S4. Thanks.

  3. internet call setting is missing on my s4. any idea why or how to make it visible?

  4. it's not missing. Just go to Phone. Then tap the context menu and go to call settings. The entry before the last one lets you set your SIP parameters.

    1. These are the only things I see under Call Settings...

      Call restriction
      Set up call rejection messages
      Answering/ending calls
      Turn off screen during calls
      Call alerts
      Call accessories
      Call forwarding
      Ringtones and keypad tones
      Personalize call sound
      Noise reduction
      Increase volume in pocket
      Voicemail service
      Voicemail settings
      Current country
      Assisted dialing
      Auto retry
      TTY mode
      DTMF tones
      Voice privacy

    2. It is hidden in mine either.
      "SIP Switch Widget" app lets me to configure it out:

    3. I with this comment ranked higher up in Google. I had the same issue: the manufacturer decided to hide it, and this pearl of a widget lets me access it...

  5. I have a Galaxy S4 I9505 and I would set up a VoIP account
    I've tried several times and I have a problem: if I call some number everything works well. The voice is perfect!
    The problem is, if other side no answer (my call). I hang up, but I not can longer make any calls again! and number still calling! Why? (already tried with two VoIP operators and is always the same problem! What is the trick, here, that is not counted for everything to work well?

  6. i have a s3 and i want to set up voipjumper account . i put user name
    password and proxy server as sip.voipjumper,com but it is not registering why

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  8. How can I setup internet calls for selected calls. I only call a few nummers with my voip account

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  10. How can I delete SIP account on my Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505 - lollipop ) there is no Delete button

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