Monday, April 1, 2013

PhoneIndia android app - Keep calling

PhoneIndia (Keepcalling) does not offer android app to make VoIP calls from android devices. Nor does it offer SIP calls that can be configured with android SIP clients.  As of now you can either use the local access number, Keepcalling ioS app or web calls to initiate the call.

The link download the phoneIndia android softphone will be updated once available on Google Play.


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  2. Hi Vicky,

    Thank you for bringing this up!

    We are glad to announce you that we are newly testing the Android app called KeepCalling. It complements the iOS app and the Web Call PC app you've mentioned. It's free to download on Google Play! Check out the How to Call page for more details. Keep in touch!

    Aura Badiu
    on behalf of your team

  3. I have installed the app. However, I can not make a connection. There is an error that VoIP should activated. I have used the same WiFi network to connect using the web call.

    1. Dear Ahmad,

      Thank you for reporting this!
      To help us understand the situation and find a solution, please check:

      1. If you have used the same WiFi network for both Web Call and KeepCalling app;
      2. If your cellular data was deactivated the moment you were trying to access the app; otherwise it may be conflicting with the VoIP access rights from your operator or WiFi provider and the app itself.
      3. If your Internet connection was good; otherwise this may have been the cause.

      Please keep in touch!
      on behalf of team

  4. Telcan apps is also best and based on SIP and VoIP.

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